Asset Management

The REYL Group undertakes asset management and fund distribution activities, with a focus on private assets, niche strategies and impact investing, addressing the needs of qualified investors, both in Switzerland and abroad.

A business line comprising two areas of focus: 

  • private assets niche strategies & funds distribution integrated within the REYL Group; 
  • impact investing & private assets funds of funds, carried out by two dedicated affiliates, Asteria Obviam and Hermance Capital Partners.   

Private Assets Advisory

Third-party private assets fund selection as well as ad-hoc direct deals, with a focus on credit-linked strategies and hard-to-access risk premia. 

Private Assets Discretionary Mandates

Actively managed discretionary account services focused exclusively on private assets, acting either as an add-on to liquid mandates or as a standalone investment tool. Timely alternative to the traditional 60/40 asset allocation.

Dedicated Private Assets Vehicle

Bespoke creation and management of fund of one, sub-threshold AIF, managed accounts and club deal strategies with REYL & Cie acting as your trusted partner and global coordinator throughout the life of the investments.


  • Private assets advisory
  • Private assets discretionary mandates
  • Dedicated private assets vehicles
  • Private Equity: Europe (direct investments)
  • Real Estate: Europe
  • Impact investing (Asteria Obviam)

Additionally, fund management and distribution capabilities have been developed for third-party funds. REYL and Cie’s new Asset Management business line has built strategic partnerships with a distribution approach for selected managers.

Third-party funds distribution

  • Hermance Capital Partners
    Investment boutique specialised in private equity, private debt and real estate funds of funds. In partnership with Rothschild & Co and Bordier & Cie. Find out more: 
  • Stouff Capital
    Investment boutique implementing a quantamental global equity long/sort approach highly adaptable to changes in market regime. Find out more: 
  • BC Partners
    Leading private assets and real estate manager operating in Europe and North America. Find out more: 

Asteria Obviam

  • Controlled by REYL & Cie. Allocates capital to companies that generate positive social and environmental benefits, looking to the UN 17 SDGs as its frame of reference.
  • Provides investors with a comprehensive and coherent offering of impact products and strategies, allowing capital to contribute to a transition towards a more sustainable and equal society.
  • Asset classes: thematic listed equities, impact bonds, alternative strategies, private debt and private equity.
  • In December 2020, Asteria entered into a strategic partnership with Swiss impact private asset manager Obviam. Obviam‘s recognised private equity expertise offers strong complementarity with Asteria’s liquid markets and private debt focus. Asteria Obviam combines complementary skills making it a prominent player within the Swiss impact investing ecosystem.

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