Investment Europe - REYL & Cie selectors reveal long-only fund buy list

Jonathan Cohen, portfolio manager in charge of traditional long-only fund selection and Cédric Özazman, head of Investments and Portfolio Management, outline REYL & Cie’s long-only bets to InvestmentEurope.

Two of Geneva-headquartered private bank REYL & Cie’s nine or so investment professionals are responsible for – respectively – long-only fund selection and liquid alternatives fund selection.

Each brings expertise on a particular asset class hence gets involved in fund selection decisions as, for example, is the case for European equity funds with Reyl’s head of Investments and Portfolio Management Cédric Özazman (pictured left), a specialist in the segment.

“We have a concentrated buy list of 15 to 20 funds, quite the opposite of a shopping list that encompasses all segments. It is a way to implement our convictions. Though the model carries some limits, we try to find the adequation between our human resources – one cannot follow 40 funds at a time – and clients’ needs which can differ from our convictions,” says Jonathan Cohen, portfolio manager in charge of traditional long-only fund selection.

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