C2 ascent and very sad return


Following the dramatic accident where Serge, our friend from Quebec, lost his life falling under House’s Chimney, life at the base camp is slowly getting going again. The choppers came to search for his body and Nathalie and Maurice, who we have tried to support as much as possible through this painful ordeal, have also been able to fly to Skardu. Our thoughts today are with his family and we send our sincere condolences. 

Our Sherpas set out tonight to make a drop-off at C3 and if the good weather continues as it is, meaning clear, hot and no wind, they should try to open C4. Then the fixing team would take over to ideally fix the ropes on the Bottleneck. But this is just one possible strategy as we are aware that the temperamental weather on K2 will have its own ideas. Not having had any troubles on my ascent to C2, I decided to wait for the mountain to be properly equipped before attempting a direct summit push and therefore avoid going back and forth and the risks on the mountain.

Our team is almost all back at the base camp. Very international once again, the following countries are represented: Ireland, Mexico, Japan, China, Nepal, Mongolia and Belgium with our friend Paul who, being at C2, must not know yet about the semi-final defeat!! I’ll console him with some good Belgian chocolate which I’m keeping carefully in a crack in the glacier!! Welcome back to base camp Paul! 



Way to c2

leaving C1