The 12th May 2018: I awoke this morning at base camp feeling like I missed the boat...

I made my decision yesterday, after speaking on the phone with Yan Giezendanner, who does not think the weather is good enough or stable enough to attempt a summit push. But everyone’s forecast is different and about half of base camp thinks the weather is good enough to try, including 2/3 of our team.

Marco, Sergey and Herbert decided to go with ‘my’ weather and stay at BC, but everyone else left for Camp 2. What if we’re wrong?
As always, I decided to trust my weather forecast and those who agreed with me stuck with me. So we’re stuck.

With mixed feelings and impressions. Of course I want them to continue advancing, especially the fixing team which is at Camp 4. This morning’s fog has lifted and it looks like they will be able to forge ahead. The radios are crackling with the latest information... Who’s where? Who’s doing what? It seems our friends are staying at Camp 2, but another team is trying to climb to Camp 3 despite the wind.

Obviously, after being stuck at Base Camp for 11 days, the urge to ascend, move and get on with it is driving us all crazy. And, of course, it creates a bit of pressure at every level, especially for the lead team that has to do the fixing... Should we try to squeeze through this window or wait for the next one? That is the question! For now, let’s wait for the next weather update.

Our conclusion remains the same: patience, more patience and make peace with letting the boat sail off without us!

Have a great weekend!

p.s. In the end, Sophie did leave and spent the night at Camp 2 6,234 m (13.05.18) 



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