Market Insight by Nicolas Roth - The flipside of the (crypto) coin

At the end of 2017, crypto currencies were on everyone lips and screens, with Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum boasting incredible performances of 1,400%, 36,000% and 9,100% respectively for the year. Those numbers were difficult to ignore, and the fear of missing out drove demand, account opening and trading volume. Cryptocurrencies featured heavily in the media and everyone, from professional investors to students, wanted to a piece of the action. Even CNBC launched a show dedicated to cryptocurrency providing its viewers with a step-by-step guide on how to buy Ripple, and updates on the hottest cryptocurrency. Exchanges were flooded with opening requests, and investors experienced extended delays. However, the cryptocurrency space is paved with hidden landmines that investors should consider carefully, so what type of drawbacks and issues should investors be considering?

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