The 24th April 2018: Here I am back at base camp after descending down to 6,450 meters from Camp 2 behind the fixing team yesterday morning.


Lamas and other divinities chose last Thursday as the right day for our Puja ceremony. Once that was done, we were able to do our first climb and sleep up there. 

Along with Marco, Sergey, Herbert, Don, Noel and our Sherpas, we spent the first night at Camp 1. 
The 2017 markers moved due to a major mountain shift. It appears that there was very little rain this past winter, which could explain the dry period on the glacier, with its enormous crevasses that are incredibly dangerous to cross! For example, we had to access Camp 2 by crossing a horizontal ladder, with a drop below us equal to the height of a multi-storey building! My goodness... Thanks to the fixing team for securing such a tricky crossing.

Our night spent at Camp 2 was punctuated by major gusts of wind, but the sun was back out at around 7am to warm up the tent. 
It was up and down for us until we reached base camp with Nadorjee, who fixed another section with Marco yesterday so that we don’t have to go back down to the glacier to get to Camp 1! Great job guys, thank you.
That saves us an hour on the way back. 
I found out this morning that carriers brought chickens to base camp for us... Yummm, we are so excited!!” »


Base camp








before c2

way down