Daryl Liew, REYL Singapore, says the Macron and Le Pen run-off might have been expected by markets but risk remains on the table.


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Daryl Liew, Head of portfolio management of REYL Singapore, says the key barometer for markets this year is how the U.S. dollar does.


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Japanese stocks are set to benefit from further weakness in the yen. Daryl Liew, Head of Portfolio Management at Reyl Singapore, shares his insights on Channel News Asia.



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How has the Trump election modified REYL Bank's 2017 US Economic Outlook? Daniel Steck, REYL & Cie Ltd


In this video, US equity analyst and portfolio manager Daniel Steck from Reyl & Cie talks to Citywire Switzerland about the main risks in the year ahead for US equities.


Steck also reveals the three sectors that are looking most attractive at the moment in the US equity space and the top stocks to...


China has been balancing economic growth with market liberalization, says Daryl Liew at REYL Singapore in an interview with CNBC Asia.


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Earnings have been a mixed bag, with growth coming most strongly from domestically driven markets in Asia, says REYL Singapore's Daryl Liew.


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An OPEC deal should push prices up, says Daryl Liew, Eead of Portfolio Management at REYL Singapore.


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Oil-related U.S. equities are at low enough levels to look attractive for investors, says REYL Singapore's Daryl Liew.


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The difficulties between a large project or a small project are the same, it is the relationship between client and advisor that matters. Teofilo Masera, Managing Director of REYL & Cie Ltd.


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Der Portfolio-Manager Nicolas Roth erläutert im Video-Interview, wie ernst die Situation in Italien heute ist.


Der jüngste Stresstest hat für italienische Banken keinen neuen Erkenntnisgewinn gebracht. Nach wie vor sind viele Banken in Italien unterkapitalisiert. Das zu diesem Zweck geschaffene Instrument...


REYL Singapore's Daryl Liew says the conditions are right for the Fed to raise rates by 25 basis points by the end of the year.


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Asian markets have been outperforming and there is particularly more value in North Asia, says REYL Singapore's Daryl Liew.


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REYL Singapore's Daryl Liew says there are concerns about the policy changes put forth by the Democrats, especially for the business community.


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REYL Singapore's Daryl Liu says the bond markets indicate that there is going to be a long period of slowing growth with rising recession risks.


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Daryl Liew, Head of Portfolio Management at Reyl Singapore Pte Ltd, points out what's going on in the Asian Markets in an interview on Dukascopy TV. 


La crise financière a déstabilisé les banques dans leur rôle de financement de l’économie. La relève peut être assurée par les investisseurs institutionnels.


Règlementation bancaire toujours plus exigeante, chute des rendements causés par des taux historiquement bas, crédit en baisse, d'où viendra...


Der Brexit verdrängt China aus den Schlagzeilen. Doch ein Jahr nach den Börsenturbulenzen aus Fernost bleibt die Lage verworren, vor allem bei den Wachstumszahlen. Dabei spricht der China-Aktienmarkt eine klare Sprache.


Aufgeschreckt war die Weltwirtschaft vor einem Jahr: Im Juni 2015 begann nach einem steilen Anstieg in...


Daryl Liew, Head of portfolio management at Reyl Singapore, has been invited to share his global market views on CNBC Asia. 


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The Fed will hold off hiking until after the Brexit vote, notes Daryl Liew, head of portfolio management at REYL Singapore.


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Interviewed by Dukascopy TV, Florence Anglès, Head of Risk Management at Reyl Bank, comments on the new challenges to manage risks nowadays.


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Laurence Toso, Senior Legal Advisor of Reyl Bank, explains why Malta is still an attractive option for asset managers on Dukascopy TV.


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Cash interviewed Pasha Bakhtiar on how to generate value investing in Iran.


High-end international wealth management is undergoing deep change from which even Geneva's banks are not exempt. Although Geneva continues to rank third after London and Zurich as a European financial centre, its private banks are facing a tough environment that requires new strategies and new structures.

Interview with Lorenzo...


Interview with Christian Fringhian, Partner and Co-Head of Corporate Advisory & Structuring on Dukascopy TV.


What are the main activities of a Corporate Advisory business line? Why does Private Banking need Corporate Advisory & Structuring? What challenges from entrepreneurs does Corporate...


Interviewed by Dukascopy TV in early August, François Reyl outlines the REYL Group’s expansion plans. He also presents his views on future opportunities identified in emerging markets.