REYL Group reports solid growth in 2019

(Only in English)

The REYL Group has achieved solid year-on-year growth as at 31 December 2019 on a like-for-like basis, with substantial development across all business lines.

The REYL Group reported CHF 13.6 billion in assets under management (+19%), of which CHF 1.2 billion was in net new money inflows, as well as Operating Income of CHF 91.1 million (+9%) and Group profit of CHF 8.3 million (+33%). The tier-1 ratio stood at 21.6%, confirming the solidity of the Group's equity capital.

Furthermore, the Bank’s subsidiaries in Switzerland and abroad, particularly in the Middle East and Asia, confirmed robust levels of profitability. On a consolidated basis, their assets under management grew sharply to CHF 3.2 billion (+14%). The strongest growth was reported by the REYL Overseas subsidiary in Zurich (+66%). The Group also increased its headcount by more than 10% to reach 223 employees at year-end 2019.

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