The REYL Group announces the creation of Alpian SA, following successful Series A funding

The REYL Group announces the successful incubation and CHF 12.2 million funding of Alpian SA, a digital platform serving the mass affluent client segment.

In keeping with its innovative strategic mindset, the REYL Group carries out an ambitious internal project aimed at developing a fully digital platform through which to serve the mass affluent client segment, typically comprising individuals with investable assets ranging from CHF 100,000 to CHF 1 million. Considerable market research and thorough analysis allowed REYL Group to identify this particular client group, which represents over 2.6 million people with approximately CHF 660 billion in assets in Switzerland alone as the most inclined to use digital tools to conduct investments, transactions and other activities while still placing an important value on human interaction and trust.  

The REYL Group aims to combine effectively the advantages of an incumbent bank, able to convey trust, access to capital and extensive industry expertise, with the dynamism and fervour of a disruptive team of highly talented young professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit and strong expertise in the digital space. 

After a period of 18 months during which this team, with the full support and guidance of REYL & Cie’s Partners and senior executives, developed the strategic vision and technology prototype for this novel concept, CHF 12.2 million was raised in a Series A round of financing in January 2020. Seasoned investors from the financial and technology sectors participated into this oversubscribed round.  

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