The REYL Group posts improved results in 2013

The REYL Group's results rose sharply in 2013, confirming the soundness of its business model based on the international diversification of its business lines in the fields of institutional asset management and corporate advisory.

The REYL Group announced a sharp rise in its results for 2013. Its assets under management rose 24% to CHF 9.1 billion, while net revenues reached CHF 116.7 million (+63%) and net profit came to CHF 24.7 million (+180%). 

The Group published a Tier 1 capital ratio of 13.9% and a total capital ratio of 15.4%, which was also an improvement.

In addition to the favourable economic context and the good performance of the financial markets in 2013, the Group's expansion is mainly attributable to the upgrading of its business model, which began in the early 2000s.In a fast-changing world, marked by the globalisation of trade flows and the emergence of a new class of entrepreneurs, the Group looked ahead and steered its strategy towards new complementary regions and business lines, which it believed were key to ensure success in this environment.

Results per business line

The main activities of REYL & CIE, based in Geneva with offices in Zurich, Lugano, Paris, Luxembourg, London, Hong Kong and Singapore, are focused on Wealth Management, Corporate Advisory and Private Office services. In 2013, despite a challenging context, the Bank's consolidated assets under management increased 12% to CHF 5.7 billion, while its net revenues and net profit grew to CHF 64.9 million (+31%) and CHF 6.3 million (+125%) respectively. To the Bank's satisfaction, the contributions of Corporate Advisory and Private Office services rose sharply again in 2013, reaching 12% of revenue.

RAM Active Investments, the Group affiliate specialised in the management of funds for the institutional market, posted a sharp increase in its assets under management, which reached CHF 3.4 billion (+50%). This growth is attributable to strong product performance and further efforts to improve distribution, both in Switzerland and internationally. RAM Active Investments posted net revenues of CHF 51.8 million (+133%) and net profit of CHF 18.4 million (+207%).

Geographical diversification

Since 2004, the Group has deployed an international diversification strategy in order to get closer to its clients and their places of business. The offices opened in Paris and London are essentially devoted to local European clients; the Luxembourg subsidiary is focused on Private Office and Corporate Advisory services; in Singapore, the Bank is focusing on clients residing in South-East Asia, Australia and Russia; in Hong Kong, the Group's activities are focused on the management of funds invested in Asian markets; lastly, Reyl Overseas AG, a Group subsidiary regulated by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), is based in Zurich where it manages the assets of American clients living either in the US or abroad.

"In a year punctuated with numerous challenges, the REYL Group has demonstrated its sustainability and its dynamism, thanks to the unwavering support of its clients, partners, employees, directors and counterparties. Concerning 2014, we are making efforts to strengthen our presence in Asia and the Middle East and to further develop our new business lines. We are also continuing to invest in the international distribution capacity of RAM Active Investments, especially in Asia and the US," says CEO François Reyl.

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