REYL & Cie Ltd expands into Asset Services as part of its diversification strategy

Pursuing its diversification strategy, the REYL Group is expanding its range of activities into Asset Services, targeting institutional clients. The new line of business completes the Group’s existing offering in the areas of Wealth Management, Asset Management, Private Office and Corporate Advisory & Structuring services.

By expanding its scope of business, the Group is seeking to capitalise on its internal resourcesandskills as well asthe investments made over the years on organic growth. The Asset Services business line is headed by François Savary, who will continue to serve as Chief Strategist for the Group.

The broad range of services provided by REYL & Cie in this new field encompasses investment consulting and delegationtogether with a comprehensive line-up of global custody, tradingaswell as fund depositary, governance and set-up services. The fully bespoke services draw on extensive expertise, notably in IT, operations, legal advice, management and research. They primarily address institutional players including private banks, securities dealers, family offices, pension funds, fund managers and independent assetmanagers. Implemented usingthe infrastructure of the Group’s Genevaheadquarters andsupported by the contribution of some 40 professionalsbased inthe Group’s domestic and foreignentities, the services can be rolled out both in Switzerland and internationally.  

“Over the last ten years REYL & Cie has invested extensively to adapt its structure to an increasingly regulated environment,” says François Savary. “The level of expertise we have achieved in the main production areas led recently to our responding to requests from several clients. As such, we thought it was the right time to commercialise that expertise in a more formal manner and give it its full dimension. It is particularly motivating for us to enable our clients to externalise ancillary functions that regulatory changes are making increasingly complex and, by extension, increasingly restrictive. Relying on our tools and teams, our clients can significantly reduce the processing costs involved in those tasks and at the same time focus as a priority on their core business.”    

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