CityWire - REYL Group reports nearly 20% AUM growth in 2017

The Geneva-based REYL Group has recorded 19.5% growth in assets under management in the past year, with net new money inflows of CHF 1.6 billion helping to take the total to CHF 15.8 billion. The Group also reported CHF 130.2 million in operating income and CHF 32.5 million in operating results before provisions.

As of 31 December 2017, consolidated net profits rose by 84.2% to CHF 24.1 million.

Bank REYL & Cie and its Switzerland branches have also recorded growth in assets under management, reaching a total of CHF 8.3 billion – a 17.8% rise versus 2016. Operating income rose to CHF 55.4 million in 2017, while operating results before provisions grew by 13.6%, reaching CHF 4.8 million.

REYL Group is currently looking to strengthen the ties between its branches worldwide and its business lines.

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