Market Insight - Art lending with Nathalie Dobeli & Xavier Ledru

In recent years, the high-end art market has shown its dynamism, with growth in both the number of transactions and from a valuation perspective. What’s clear is that the global demand for art is continually rising.

While fervent collectors, fashionistas, and other trend setters remain an active part of the market, art is also increasingly seen as a pure investment play by multiple types of investors, with some observers now classifying art as an asset class in itself. Of course, this is a debated question, particularly between purists and financiers, but the consideration of art as an investment has expanded greatly due to the larger drive for portfolio diversification. In addition, the investment performance of art, like other alternative asset classes, typically does not correlate with more traditional asset classes such as equities or bonds. Overall, those who have invested in art, or indeed in classic cars or classic watches, have benefited from favorable market trends in recent years. 

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