REYL Finance (MEA) Ltd is awarded a new commercial license from the Dubai Financial Services Authority


The REYL Group is pursuing its expansion strategy focusing on growth markets by setting up a new affiliate at the Dubai International Financial Center. REYL Finance (MEA) Ltd, 80% owned by REYL & Cie, is licensed by the Dubai Financial Services Authority to carry out asset management and corporate advisory activities as well as to arrange custody of clients’ accounts in its books.

 The entity will be managed by Pasha Bakhtiar, BA from Georgetown University and MBA from INSEAD, who has been active in banking in the region for over a decade. The initial team will be 10-strong and comprised of seasoned professionals all of whom have extensive experience in their respective fields. The team plans to target mainly the Middle East and East African markets as those are regions with large numbers of successful entrepreneurs looking for banking services for both their personal wealth and their businesses. The United Arab Emirates is today the undisputed economic nexus for such business owners making it a natural choice from which to offer much needed innovative financial solutions.

“Dubai is within an 8-hour flight for two-thirds of the worlds’ population and attracts businesses and people from all sectors of the global economy; it is a city of constant innovation, which has now a track record of success and strong growth. So it is only natural for REYL & Cie, an innovative growing bank, to offer its services and solutions from Dubai,” says Pasha Bakhtiar. “Our Wealth Management service offering is highly personalized and attractive, but what truly sets us apart from the competition is our ability to weld both the corporate and the private needs of cross-border entrepreneurs active in the region and deliver solid, well thought-out, bespoke solutions.”

“The REYL Group is at the forefront of the evolving Private Banking model, from a singular focus on client wealth to an exhaustive understanding of a client’s needs and the structuring of innovative financial solutions to address them,” says François Reyl, CEO of REYL & Cie “In the MEA region, rife with entrepreneurs, I believe the Reyl Group is ideally positioned to build long-lasting relationships in the coming years and it is with great enthusiasm that we look forward to this opportunity.”


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