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The Freedom to Innovate in Complete Safety: A Regulatory Renewal to Promote Tomorrow's Growth 23.03.2017 The ending of the Bretton Woods accords in 1971 marked the beginning of a long process of financial deregulation and globalisation. The... Read more

US election has global effects - by Daryl Liew 22.03.2017 The election of US president Donald Trump has ramifications for the global market but the consequences for Asia may be even more pronounced... Read more

Echange de renseignements : le club des Etats partenaires s’élargit - Opinion de Drazen Turujlija 14.03.2017 Après une première vague d’accords relatifs à l’échange automatique de renseignements (EAR) signés début 2016, le Département... Read more

Market Insight by Nicolas Roth - Fake news, Complexity and Investing 14.03.2017 What is the common point between President Donald Trump and largest hedge fund manager in the world, Ray Dalio from Bridgewater? At a first... Read more

Fed on track for hitting 3 rate hikes - CNBC's interview with Daryl Liew 03.03.2017 Daryl Liew, Head of portfolio management of REYL Singapore, says the key barometer for markets this year is how the U.S. dollar does.... Read more

Pour identifier les segments défensifs - Opinion de Cédric Özazman, Responsable des Investissements 27.02.2017 Depuis l’élection de Donald Trump en novembre 2016, nous avons assisté à des violents mouvements de flux sur les actifs financiers... Read more

Trump will make no difference 22.02.2017 Today, we find it difficult to remember the fears that a potential Trump election were being raised just two months ago. Read more

Synthetic securitisation makes a comeback - article by Nicolas Roth 16.02.2017 When adequately structured and if correctly monitored within a commonly accepted framework, synthetic securitisation or risk-sharing... Read more

Market Insight by Nicolas Roth - Synthetic securitization makes a comeback 13.02.2017 Securitisation was almost deemed to be a bad word at the end of the global financial crisis. Following the Bear Stearns demise, Lehman... Read more

La RIE III et la lutte des classes - Opinion de Drazen Turujlija 09.02.2017 A la veille du référendum relatif à la réforme d’imposition des entreprises (RIE III), les partisans et les opposants sont au coude à... Read more