Ladislas Safyurtlu
Managing Partner, REYL & Co (UK) LLP
Ladislas Safyurtlu - Managing Partner, REYL & Co (UK) LLP
Area of expertise
Ladislas Safyurtlu brings in his portfolio manager experience and his solid understanding of financial instruments. As a member of the Group’s Investment Committee he is involved in developing REYL & Cie’s investment strategies. He also contributes to the international development of REYL & CIE. In January 2013 Ladislas Safyurtlu was appointed Managing Partner of our office in London. He is FCA accredited.

Ladislas Safyurtlu was previously with Pictet Asset Management in London, Morgan Stanley in London, New York, Zurich and Geneva, as well as Credit Suisse in Paris. In 2005, he became Managing Partner at Findercod in Paris, a company active in the distribution of investment funds and M&A consultancy. He joined REYL & Cie in 2007.

University education
Ladislas Safyurtlu has a Science degree from the Université Paris II and an MBA from the Institut Supérieur de Gestion de Paris. He also completed a post-MBA Training Program at the Stern Business School of New York University.