Dominique Paladini
Chief Operating Officer
Dominique Paladini - Chief Operating Officer
Area of expertise
Dominique Paladini, Chief Operating Officer and a Member of the Executive Committee of REYL & CIE, is responsible for managing the administration of the Group's activities, overseeing Finance, Operations, Credit and Client administration. He is also responsible for developing its structure and procedures.

Dominique Paladini has an in-depth knowledge of the banking sector, having held senior positions at various Private Banks in Switzerland. Between 2008 and 2010, he was responsible for the Wealth Management Headquarters at a major international bank in Switzerland. He is a former partner of Ernst & Young SA where he worked in the Banking Industry division in London. For many years he was a chief auditor accredited by the FINMA. He brings his extensive banking experience to REYL Group, more specifically in the fields of Finance, Risk Control, Credit, Compliance and Client Administration. He joined REYL & CIE in November 2010.

University education
Dominique Paladini is a qualified public accountant (1994) and graduated from the University of Lausanne in Corporate Management (HEC, 1983).