Laurence Toso
Associate Director
Area of expertise
Thanks to her in-depth experience in corporate law and M&A, Laurence Toso is able to guide clients through their acquisition and restructuring projects on an international level.

Laurence Toso started her law career with law firms in Geneva and then New York. She joined the legal department at Ernst & Young in Geneva in 2003, advising international clients on their acquisition and restructuring projects. In 2010 she became Head of the Legal and Compliance Division at MIF SA, a multi-family office based in Geneva. Laurence joined REYL & CIE in December 2013.

University education
Laurence Toso holds a Degree in Law from the University of Geneva (1996), a Master of Laws in American Law from Boston University (1999) and an Executive MBA from the University of Geneva (2010). She is also a lawyer at the Geneva Bar (1998) and the New York Bar (2000).